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backwater girls.
Title: Backwater Girls
Characters // Pairings: Zack, Cloud, Tifa // Cloud/Tifa maybe
Rating // Warnings: G // none
Canon: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Wordcount: 257
Summary: Zack's confused.



As backwater as backwater gets. Reminds him of home, a bit.

So when Cloud won't take off his helmet, even when his girl shows up, Zack's a little confused.

"Why don't you want to see her?" he asks suddenly, when they're sitting in their shared room in the inn and Cloud is settled on his bed, infantryman's armor gleaming in the little overhead light.

Cloud is silent. He is younger than Zack, a little more inexperienced. He wants to be SOLDIER. He's got the drive, the will to fight, the stoic demeanor to match (how cool, he must admit). So why is he so scared of a girl?

"I..." The blonde pauses. "I guess... I'm a little ashamed."

"Of what?" prods his companion. Cloud lets out a breath.

"Well... I told her next time I came back, I'd be SOLDIER," he admits.

Zack laughs. "Just go talk to her, man."

"I... yeah, I guess." Stoic, but a little dopey. "Tomorrow, then."

He never does take off his helmet, though. Tomorrow becomes the next day and the next day and the next day.

What a coward, Zack decides, and marches right up to Tifa to tell her what's what.

He returns to Cloud, who is standing silent beside the inn doors, helmet in place, with a red hand mark on his face and a bruise on his ass.

"I see what you mean," is all he says.

"Yep," says Cloud, and Zack pretends he doesn't see the little amused smile peeking out from under the stupid helmet.

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xDD Aww! That was so cute and sweet. Helpful Zack wasn't so helpful, huh? :3 Cuteness is good for the soul! Very nice, Daddy!

xDD Wunnit? xD Naw, Zack's not too helpful on a good day, really. :3 It is, huh? xD Thanks!

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