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spreading her wings like snow.

I'm sorry, but your greedchan is in another castle.

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Not much to say today
We went to casino night
probably freaked all the janitors out *kept doig the friday noise*
But it was okay
We didn't do much but We got to cut limes and lemons and make them look good for sticking on the side of mocktails so that was coool

om nom nom tonight is a fat night

Title: Mother
Characters // Pairings: Ed, Aerith // None
Rating: ???
Wordcount: 440
Type: Oneshot, We guess
Warnings: None~
Summary: She looks just like...

He breaks in almost completely without trouble. A cut on his cheek, a scuffed boot or two -- these are things he's accustomed to. Things from the old life, the one he'd almost completely left behind by this time.

When he reaches the massive room, he is startled to see, chalked across the floor in faded, rubbed-out lines, a vast circle. He drops to his knees slowly, gloved fingers trailing almost nervously across it. Can he still remember...? He slips a hand into his pocket, retrieving a bit of chalk, and begins.

He finishes the array effortlessly.

The blonde drops the chalk, kneeling above the circle hesitantly. If he were to place his hands down on it... nothing would happen, but...

He lowers himself carefully, scooting back a little so he doesn't get caught in it. That's the first basic rule of learning alchemy -- don't get stuck in your own transmutation like an idiot.

When the array glows blue and the mirrored one above his head bursts into life, he is shocked. He's speechless. And yet... somehow he knew it would work.

Sometimes, he misses Mom.

Her smile, her voice -- praise when he does something right and a reprimand when he doesn't, but love. He misses her still, even at eighteen when he thinks most people would be more or less completely moved on. Moved on with life, but not with the memory, of course. He doesn't think anyone can forget their mother.

When he feels himself being ripped apart cell by cell, inch by inch -- he realizes what is happening. This is the feeling he experienced the few times he saw the Gate of Truth. This is... going home.

He feels himself being pieced back together, and Edward opens his eyes.

White and yellow flowers litter a dark green carpet of foliage, and a fallen pillar makes a nest for creepers to sink their hooks into. He's never seen plants like these. His yellow gaze lifts, brow furrowing a little. This isn't... he's never seen a place like this before. Churches, yes, which he is sure this one is by the weathered mahogany pews, but this place he's never seen.

He glances up a little further and is shocked to see a woman standing perhaps four yards away, small hands linked behind her. She is gazing into the sky visible through the ruined cathedral roof, and brown hair twists down her back. He is sure that if she turned to look at him, he would be staring into beautiful green eyes.

Just like...


The woman turns. "Again...? Why is everyone calling me their mother lately...?"

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That's so fricking sweet! Oh god, Ed's so cute. And Aerith really does seem like a mother. So adorable... confusing her with his mommy. Poor little Edo.

:33 xD He's so silly and cute. Dunnishe? We actually ripped that quote straight from Advent Children. xD; Also there's a video We based this on. *will show him* :3 He's cute, innee? We want to write moar like this. o-o; But We dunno what other comparisons We could make.

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