spreading her wings like snow.

I'm sorry, but your greedchan is in another castle.

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baby blue, baby blue, keep your eyes on the road.
Momma → 3
________ Riku, Sora, Edward
Inu → 3
________ Deadpool, Bullseye, Kimblee

Birthday presents! Momma's are for his birthday, but Inu's are kind of... birthday/christmas mix lols. 8D;

As usual, We don't need credit, but it's appreciated if you take any.





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hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh DAT NYORO~N
...I can't stop laughing at pie oh my god xDDD

Oh, Daddy! You're so sweet! ^^ I really loved those. Thank you so much. It makes Momma really happy. *kiss*

Yayyyyyyyyyy! *return* ^^ We knew he'd like a birthday present, even if it's five days late and he said it didn't matter. xP

Of course it didn't matter! But I loved it anyway! *snuggle* :3

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