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festive presents.
So here's the deal.

Momma asked for something with Minty in it for his Christmas present. So what We did was write it, but it was kind of short, so We decided to give him the Zack-goes-to-Olympus-Coliseum fic, too.

So he gets two! :3

And We're really sorry that We didn't reply, cause it seems like We made you sad... ._. Our sound was off...

Title: Laundry + Camcorder + Sora = oh god why
Characters // Pairings: Riku, Sora, Minty // F!Riku/Sora
Rating // Warnings: G // none
Canon: Kingdom Hearts post-2nd game AU
Wordcount: 742
Summary: Sora doesn't want to be on film, and Riku has more laundry assistants than she'd anticipated.


New lives usually began with finding yourself or repenting for your sin. Hers, and his, it seemed, was their baby, unexpected but not unwanted.

Every day was always a discovery with a little one under your wing, it seemed. Today was no different, because there had been many discoveries -- early this morning the tiny girl had discovered a weasel living outside in the yard, an oddity in Hollow Bastion -- or rather, Radiant Garden, as it had been named and renamed. Additionally, she had stumbled upon a large anthill, and Sora had had to carry her away lest she get covered in dirt and itchy little insects.

Now she was asleep, and Riku sat quietly in the living room beside the little girl, both of them settled on the couch as Mint napped and her mother folded towels and cloths beside her. Sora was in the armchair across the room, seeming to be scrawling out a list of some sort. Three years since Mint was born, and she had almost forgotten what being a guy was like. Not quite, of course, because she wasn't sure she'd ever quite forget that, but it felt like there wasn't much left of that maleness. Bittersweet, really.

Riku sighed, leaning forward to place a newly-folded stack of hand towels on the coffee table. Mint, feeling the shift of her 'pillow' beneath her head, blinked open wide yellow eyes and looked at her mother upside down, then smiled and sat up. "What doin?" she wondered, and Riku blinked over at her, pushing back the lock of brown hair that was quickly becoming an antenna.

"Laundry," she replied boredly, and Mint blinked, slipping from the couch to peer at the pile of small towels.

"I help," announced the little girl, and promptly plopped back down beside Riku, reaching across her lap for a handful of them and folding them awkwardly.

Riku blinked, pushing the braid of considerably-long hair off her shoulder, the leftover from the ridiculous spell from the last year and a half. Mint had never really shown an interest in /housekeeping/ before, of all the things a little girl got her paws into, but she rather appreciated it. Sora got up from his perch, dropping the little notepad on the floor and coming to sit on the arm of the couch, his fingers carding into her hair and mussing up the bit that was out of the loose braid. "You're doing good, Minty," he beamed, sounding pleased. "I'll help too." He promptly flopped down on the floor, dragged the rest of the laundry toward him, and began to fold, a little slowly because he didn't often do it, but he was a little faster than poor little Mint, who had spent the last five minutes attempting to perfectly line up the corners of a dishcloth.

The girl sat stupidly on the couch, watching her daughter and her might-as-well-be-husband take over her entire laundry duty. She was quiet a moment, then got up, wandering off to get something to record the moment with.

Finding not a camera but the camcorder Cid had dropped in her lap one day, she snuck back with it and began to record quietly, the red light blinking into her eye. Naturally, it was not Sora, but Mint, who noticed it first, and forgot about her towels to come examine it, yellow eyes huge in the LCD screen. "Whassat?"

"Hey!" Before Riku could answer, Sora was half-jumping, half-flopping over to them, trying to wrestle the camera from her. "Don't film this!"

"Why not?" Riku frowned, standing and zooming in on his face from there. "It's not a big deal. Besides, baby videos are important, aren't they?"

"Yeah, but not Sora videos," protested the younger of the couple, drooping a little.

Riku chuckled, then stepped back. "You'll be happy for these one day."

"Fat chance!" The brunette scrambled for the camera. Failing this, he thumped against the floor, gaining two things in the process: carpet-burn, and Mint crawling over his back.

"Faa chanss," she parroted. Sora rolled over and sat up, capturing the little girl, then dragging Riku down almost on top of them both.

"Hey!" The new mother stumbled, then lost her balance and pitched backwards, catching Sora's shoulder as she fell. The camcorder, however, did not make it, and it cracked ominously against the floor.




"You owe me new footage. And Cid a new camcorder."

"It was his?!"

Title: To Be A Hero
Characters // Pairings: Zack, Phil, Hercules // none
Rating // Warnings: G // none
Canon: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Wordcount: 509
Summary: Zack goes to Olympus to become a hero.


Master Ansem sent him to Greece, upon his request.

"I wanna go," he'd nagged. "I really wanna go! Don't make me sit around here getting all crusty!"

And so after mountains of nags and buckets of whines, ten-year-old Zack Fair was allowed passage into another world, and to the foot of Mount Olympus. It wasn't a bad place, he decided upon arrival; the demigods and demons he could deal with. It wasn't like he was a weakling, after all. He'd left his sword with Cloud -- it was hard to carry such a blade as the Buster Sword (Angeal had done it, but Angeal was older and probably cooler than he was) around a million worlds. It'd get heavy. So he left it back home, and hopefully Cloud would take good care of it.

He was introduced to Philoctetes about five minutes after his arrival. Nobody introduced Zack to Phil -- Phil simply stomped up, assessed him as the 'new trainee', and sent him off to beat up barrels.

It took precisely two hours, thirty-one minutes for Zack to get tired of this.

"Hey! Goat man!"

The skinny boy ran to the saytr and threw his wooden sword at him -- Phil met him in a wave of hairy arms being flung in every direction and the clack of annoyed hooves against the coliseum stone as he dodged it. "What, kid? Yer not nearly a hero yet."

"This is kid stuff! Lemme at the big guys!"

"Yer still a kid," said Phil flatly, and would hear nothing else.

Two months of defeating barrels and the occasional Shadow later found Zack nearing his eleventh birthday. "So I'm a hero now, right?"

Phil just laughed in his face. "You? A hero? Fat chance, kid! I'll tell you what, you manage to beat Herc here in an arm-wrestling match, maybe I'll consider you." He grinned, jerking a thumb over his shoulder to a slim teen who was both much taller than Zack and much stronger, considering they were looking into the arena and Herc had a very intimidating-looking monster in a headlock.

"Fine!" The skinny boy grumbled momentarily, then charged forward, leaping directly onto Herc's back and curling both of his legs around the teen's neck. He attempted to crush it for about five minutes, in which time Hercules had managed to tear off the creature's head and, at the end of the five minutes, pull Zack off of him.

About a million defeats by Hercules happened after that, but Zack wasn't a sore loser, and the two became fast friends. Zack wasn't quite a true pupil yet, unlike Hercules, and the arrival of the keyblade wielders three years later found him still aspiring to be a true student. But at least he'd grown (unlike Cloud, who back home was still roughly the same size) and was still determined.

And he'd never beaten Herc in an arm-wrestling match, but at least if he went back home he could brag that he had anyway. None of them knew Herc back home.



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God, Daddy, I always love that little family. They're all so adorable. xD And Minty mimicking Sora was just totally adorable. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! It was totally awesome. Much loves. <33333333333

Zaaaack. Zack, you're so determined. Poor boy. So cute. xD I loved that. The end was especially cute, bragging little brat. xD God, Daddy, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME

*kissx100* I love you. Thank you. <3333 ^^ You've really made my Christmas.


xDD We know, right? xD Poor Sora. xD :3 Of course!

xD We felt like the end was a little rushed...

*returnxa million* :3 We love you too! ^^ Good. That's what We hoped for!


xDD Totally. xD He's such a dork. xD :3

xD I don't think so.

3< Beatins Momma in the kissies! :3 ^^ You're so good to me.

:O what is this about Minty and where can I read moar about this family? Because that was just too cute for words.

And the second piece was so Zack it's ridiculous ♥

=O Minty is my genderswitch!Riku's baby! A-all I have are rp logs though ;_;

xD Thank you!!

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