spreading her wings like snow.

I'm sorry, but your greedchan is in another castle.

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roxas and the chipmunks.
We're playing with the rules a little here. In canon, they don't transform in different worlds. *shrug* Whatever. xD;

Anyway, We discovered this:

and yeah.

Title: Roxas and the Chipmunks
Characters // Pairings: Roxas, Axel // AkuRoku?
Rating // Warnings: G // none
Canon: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?
Wordcount: 100
Summary: Axel is amused, and Roxas bites him.


"What are you?"

"Shut up."

The massive black lion's muzzle spread in a wide grin, and Axel lowered his face parallel with the ground. "Well, isn't that cute."

"Shut up," again, and then there was a red mark across his nose. VIII shook his head, red mane shaking, then reached forward with a round paw, batting the rodent out from in his face.

"Not very nice, chipmunk."

Roxas scowled. And scowled.

And scowled some more.

And when terrible little chipmunk teeth came down upon the Flurry of Dancing Flames' ear, he couldn't help but feel he really, really deserved it.

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That's fucking great, Daddy. xDD Poor Roxas. Axel's just being a bully, huh? That was so cute. Nn! Fricking adorable, man! *cling* Totally loved it.

xDDD Axel's so meaaaaaan. :3 Thanks! *snuggle* Yayyyyy~~

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