spreading her wings like snow.

I'm sorry, but your greedchan is in another castle.

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hot n' cold.
Potential challenge post.

Title: Hot n' Cold
Characters // Pairings: Namine, Axel, Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen // none?
Rating // Warnings: G // none
Canon: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Wordcount: 239
Summary: saved by strangers, killed by ghosts


They visit her.

There are four, mainly -- and two more, below. But four come to visit her the most often.

Her room is warm, for the most part. In temperature, that is, and who can argue that point? After all, whenever Axel comes, he turns the heat up. Typical, she can't help but think, but she says nothing, even as he speaks with a sharp tongue and a sharper wit.

She does not reply when electricity crackles around the corners. Larxene's heat is different than Axel's -- it's numbing, it suddenly burns. It gives you no warning. She likes the fire better.

Vexen gives off no heat -- and yet, in an icy way, he does. He is cold enough that he can burn your skin with chill. She remembers the red, frostbitten rings around her ankles very well.

Marluxia is coldest. He baits her with saccharine-sweet words and his heat is an organic one that does not wait for her to warm herself. Plants do not enjoy extreme heat.

They are all warm.

But they're all cold, too.

Axel comes to visit her one day. He's singing, teasing.

(i simply must go -- baby, it's cold outside)

It's a song she's never heard. Then again, she's never heard any songs except the ones Axel hums. This one is no different.

And though they're all warm, she does not want to leave her room and enter their cold.

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Aww! Nami-chan! D: Poor girl! *clings to her* Very nicely written, Daddy! :3 I really enjoyed it.

^^ Thank you, Momma! *snuggle* :3 Is it okay?

:3 Thanks!
Will post in 5... 4... 3...

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