spreading her wings like snow.

I'm sorry, but your greedchan is in another castle.

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Hastily written. Cried in the first fifteen minutes. A record.

Title: Rewind/replay
Characters // Pairings: Mr Schue, Finn, Quinn // Finn/Quinn, of a sort
Rating // Warnings: G // none
Canon: Glee
Wordcount: 116
Summary: It's like they've rewound.


"Is it true?! Is it?!"

He realizes something -- it's like someone has pressed replay.

It's like someone has thrown him back into last week but it's not him and Terri, it's /his kids/. It's Glee and it's his kids and he doesn't want to see this happening.

Finn can't help but yell. He knows what he feels. Their situations are different but the same and he watches as the world crumbles for a second time. Apocalypse, part two.

Finn storms out.

William Schuester stands beside Quinn Fabray as she cries, silent, and the would-have-been father of her unborn child cannot help but run.

Quinn's tears run down her cheeks, and he feels himself dying again.

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Awww! *cling* That's depressing, Daddy! *kiss* D: Even though I don't understand it, it was still good

*pets* We know, right? *return* D: Basically, Rachel told Finn that Quinn's baby wasn't his. And he FLIPPED TITS.

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